Ke-bin Jia

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Based on analysis on video retrieval issues among different time scales, a dynamic time warping (DTW) optimal matching algorithm is proposed in this paper. Firstly the sub-segments detection algorithm was used to separate the video into several consecutive sub-segments; furthermore, the video similarity matching algorithm on the basis of sub-segments was(More)
This paper proposes a novel fast disparity vector derivation algorithm to get the neighbor block disparity vector (NBDV) for 3D High Efficiency Video Coding (3D-HEVC) texture inter-view coding. In the current 3D-HEVC design, it is observed that the simplified CU (coding unit)-based disparity vector derivation method is faster than the method of full(More)
Under the rapid development of information technology in todays society, kiosk system has become an indispensable part in many fields. Especially in retail business, retailers use the kiosk system to meet customer demanding and promote overturn. These systems have been widely used in food chains, department stores, book stores, entertainment and recreation(More)
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