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A brush-like poly(DL)-lactide grafted onto chitosan as the backbone was investigated. The graft copolymerization was carried out with triethylaluminum as catalyst in toluene at 70 degrees C. It was found that a greater lactide content in the feeding ratio results in a higher grafting percentage. FTIR spectrometry, (1)H NMR, DSC scanning, and wide-angle(More)
In this paper, we present a newly developed rare earth modified amorphous barium strontium titanate (Ba(x)Sr(1-x)TiO3) gel/silicone oil electrorheological (ER) fluid. The ER behaviors of suspensions of pure and rare earth modified amorphous Ba(x)Sr(1-x)TiO3 particles in silicone oil have been investigated under a dc electric field. The shear yield stress of(More)
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