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Network structure determination is an important issue in pattern classification based on a probabilistic neural network. In this study, a supervised network structure determination algorithm is proposed. The proposed algorithm consists of two parts and runs in an iterative way. The first part identifies an appropriate smoothing parameter using a genetic(More)
In this paper, we present two new algorithms for cell image segmentation. First, we demonstrate that pixel classification-based color image segmentation in color space is equivalent to performing segmentation on grayscale image through thresholding. Based on this result, we develop a supervised learning-based two-step procedure for color cell image(More)
The central problem in training a radial basis function neural network is the selection of hidden layer neurons. In this paper, we propose to select hidden layer neurons based on data structure preserving criterion. Data structure denotes relative location of samples in the high-dimensional space. By preserving the data structure of samples including those(More)
The study was designed to investigate the effect of various concentrations of cannabidiol (CBD) in rats with chronic epilepsy. The chronic epilepsy rat model was prepared by intraperitoneally injecting pentylenetetrazole to the rats pre-treated with CBD (10, 20 and 50 mg/kg) for 28 consecutive days. Behavioral measurements of convulsion following(More)
BACKGROUND Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) may be present in the absence of vascular compressiom, and surgical treatment in these cases is controversial. Our objective is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of trigeminal root compression in this situation. METHODS A prospective collection of clinical data on all patients diagnosed with idiopathic TN in our(More)
OBJECTIVE To quantitatively study the degree of posterior fossa crowdedness (PFC) in patients with hemifacial spasm (HFS) and to further investigate whether overcrowding in posterior fossa affects the efficacy and safety of microvascular decompression. METHODS We conducted a prospective case-control study of patients diagnosed with HFS and sex- and(More)
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