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Fluorescence imaging of nitric oxide (NO) in vitro and in vivo is essential to developing our understanding of the role of nitric oxide in biology and medicine. Current probes such as diaminofluorescein depend on reactions with oxidized NO products, but not with nitric oxide directly, and this limits their applicability. Here we report the formation of an(More)
—Universal approximation is the basis of theoretical research and practical applications of fuzzy systems. Studies on the universal approximation capability of fuzzy systems have achieved great progress in recent years. In this paper, linear Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy systems that use linear functions of input variables as rule consequent and their special(More)
With the booming of social media, sentiment analysis has developed rapidly in recent years. However, only a few studies focused on the field of transportation, which failed to meet the stringent requirements of safety, efficiency, and information exchange of intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). We propose the traffic sentiment analysis (TSA) as a new(More)
OBJECTIVE Emerging evidence suggests that microRNA (miRNA)-mediated gene regulation influences a variety of autoimmune disease processes, including Crohn's disease (CD), but the biological function of miRNAs in CD remains unclear. We examine miRNA level in colon tissues and study the potential functions of miRNAs that regulate pathological genes during the(More)
We propose a security architecture that provides two fundamental security services for VANETS: i) non-repudiation and ii) privacy enhancement. Due to a new PKI concept, referred to as PKI+, users are autonomous in deriving public keys, certificates and pseudonyms which minimizes the communication to the certificate authority. Security techniques are(More)
To evaluate the different traits of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) isolated from osteosarcoma (OS) and normal bone marrow (BM) induced by bone-morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2). MSCs from implanted osteosarcoma or femur bone marrow were isolated and cultured. Differentiation potency was verified and phenotypes were evaluated by flow cytometry. Increased or(More)