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—Universal approximation is the basis of theoretical research and practical applications of fuzzy systems. Studies on the universal approximation capability of fuzzy systems have achieved great progress in recent years. In this paper, linear Takagi–Sugeno (T–S) fuzzy systems that use linear functions of input variables as rule consequent and their special(More)
With the booming of social media, sentiment analysis has developed rapidly in recent years. However, only a few studies focused on the field of transportation, which failed to meet the stringent requirements of safety, efficiency, and information exchange of intelligent transportation systems (ITSs). We propose the traffic sentiment analysis (TSA) as a new(More)
We propose a security architecture that provides two fundamental security services for VANETS: i) non-repudiation and ii) privacy enhancement. Due to a new PKI concept, referred to as PKI+, users are autonomous in deriving public keys, certificates and pseudonyms which minimizes the communication to the certificate authority. Security techniques are(More)
This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—Analysis of neural data with multiple modes and high density has recently become a trend with the advances in neuroscience research and practices. There exists a pressing need for an(More)
Research on social media has been applied to various academic fields. During this year's Chinese National Holiday traffic congestion event, online users showed great enthusiasm on social media, such as forums, Weibo, communities, and other platforms. This article describes the construction of a dynamic evolution network, analyzes the transformation of(More)