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We present a variational Bayesian (VB) approach for the state and parameter inference of a state-space model with point-process observations, a physiologically plausible model for signal processing of spike data. We also give the derivation of a variational smoother, as well as an efficient online filtering algorithm, which can also be used to track changes(More)
Nowadays, mathematical information is increasingly available in websites and repositories, such like ArXiv, Wikipedia and growing numbers of digital libraries. Mathematical formulae are highly structured and usually presented in layout presentations, such as PDF, LATEX and Presentation MathML. The differences of presentation between text and formulae(More)
  • Ke Yuan, Zhaorui Lian, Bill Sun, Marcia M. Clayton, Irene O. L. Ng, Mark A. Feitelson
  • 2012
Hepatitis B virus encoded X antigen (HBx) is a trans-regulatory protein that alters the activity of selected transcription factors and cytoplasmic signal transduction pathways. HBx transcriptionally up-regulates the expression of a unique gene, URG11, which in turn transcriptionally up-regulates β-catenin, thereby contributing importantly to(More)
Cancer has long been understood as a somatic evolutionary process, but many details of tumor progression remain elusive. Here, we present BitPhylogeny, a probabilistic framework to reconstruct intra-tumor evolutionary pathways. Using a full Bayesian approach, we jointly estimate the number and composition of clones in the sample as well as the most likely(More)
This letter considers how a number of modern Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods can be applied for parameter estimation and inference in state-space models with point process observations. We quantified the efficiencies of these MCMC methods on synthetic data, and our results suggest that the Reimannian manifold Hamiltonian Monte Carlo method offers(More)
Microvascular ischemia and infections are associated with the development of chronic rejection following lung transplantation. The von Hippel–Lindau protein (VHL) controls protein levels of hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs), regulates vascular repair, and improves tissue perfusion. Here, we studied the role of VHL in microvascular repair by orthotopically(More)
With the development of cloud computing and big data, data privacy protection has become an urgent problem to solve. Data encryption is the most effective way to protect privacy; however, it will change the data format and result in: 1. database structure and application software will be changed; 2. structured query language (SQL) operations cannot work(More)
Physiological signals such as neural spikes and heartbeats are discrete events in time, driven by continuous underlying systems. A recently introduced data-driven model to analyze such a system is a state-space model with point process observations, parameters of which and the underlying state sequence are simultaneously identified in a maximum likelihood(More)
BACKGROUND This research, extract compositions of volatile oil in Blumea balsamifera (Linn.) DC by steam distillation method. The gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer technology (GC-MS) was used to separate and determine chemical components of volatile oil. Meanwhile, the percentage of the chemical components was determined in the volatile oil by peak area(More)