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Manual assembly production systems are still the most viable method for production a variety of products in small to medium batches. However, manual assembly work is often associated with ergonomically poor conditions that result in Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders WRMDs, which result in low productivity and quality problems. Yet ergonomics is not(More)
This paper develops a structure model with four layers to describe a result oriented PSS. Moreover, a design model which name is Life-cycle Oriented Design Model is also proposed. The model includes four steps which are System Requirement Analysis, System Capacity Modelling, Equipment Consumption Modelling and Support Plan for Equipments' product lifecycle(More)
Result-Oriented Product Service System is a type of PSS which has the highest level of service content. Result-Oriented PSS providers sell functions to customers instead of selling products. In current researches, PSS is usually modelled based on the product lifecycle perspective. This paper proposes a new concept for developing Result-Oriented PSS from the(More)
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