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A new method of analysis is presented in this paper for the determination of complex propagation constants in substrate integrated waveguides (SIWs). This method makes use of the concept of surface impedance to model the rows of conducting cylinders, and the proposed model is then solved by combining a method of moments and a transverse resonance procedure.(More)
— A new generation of high-frequency integrated circuits is presented, which is called substrate integrated circuits (SICs). Current state-of-the-art of circuit design and implementation platforms based on this new concept are reviewed and discussed in detail. Different possibilities and numerous advantages of the SICs are shown for microwave,(More)
Parallel corpora are a valuable resource for tasks such as cross-language information retrieval and data-driven natural language processing systems. Previously only small scale corpora have been available , thus restricting their practical use. This paper describes a system that overcomes this limitation by automatically collecting high quality parallel(More)
Prostate segmentation in 3-D transrectal ultrasound images is an important step in the definition of the intra-operative planning of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) therapy. This paper presents two main approaches for the semi-automatic methods based on discrete dynamic contour and optimal surface detection. They operate in 3-D and require a(More)
In this study, a full-wave-based circuit model of an interdigital capacitor in the form of a coplanar waveguide (CPW) configuration is studied by using numerical thru-reflect-line calibration techniques, which can easily be combined with commercial electromagnetic simulation software. Subsequently, a slow-wave line coupler is proposed and realized for size(More)
This paper presents a new developed multisensory five-fingered dexterous robot hand: the DLR/HIT Hand II. The hand has an independent palm and five identical modular fingers, each finger has three DOFs and four joints. All the actuators and electronics are integrated in the finger body and the palm. By using powerful super flat brushless DC motors, tiny(More)
Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology provides an attractive solution to the integration of planar and nonplanar circuits by using a planar circuit fabrication process. However, it is usually difficult to implement the negative coupling structure required for the design of compact canonical folded elliptic or quasi-elliptic cross-coupled bandpass(More)
This paper presents the modeling of lossy substrate integrated waveguide interconnects and components by using the boundary integral-resonant mode expansion method. The extension of the numerical technique to account for conductor, dielectric and radiation losses is discussed. Moreover, a systematic investigation of the different contributions of loss and(More)
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has been associated with regional volumetric brain abnormalities, which provide promising intermediate phenotypes of the disorder. In this study, volumes of brain regions selected for a priori evidence of association with OCD (orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), thalamus, caudate, putamen, globus(More)