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Review of substrate-integrated waveguide circuits and antennas
Substrate-integrated waveguide (SIW) technology represents an emerging and very promising candidate for the development of circuits and components operating in the microwave and millimetre-waveExpand
Guided-wave and leakage characteristics of substrate integrated waveguide
The substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technique makes it possible that a complete circuit including planar circuitry, transitions, and rectangular waveguides are fabricated in planar form using aExpand
Accurate modeling, wave mechanisms, and design considerations of a substrate integrated waveguide
  • D. Deslandes, Ke Wu
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and…
  • 19 June 2006
A new method of analysis is presented in this paper for the determination of complex propagation constants in substrate integrated waveguides (SIWs). This method makes use of the concept of surfaceExpand
The substrate integrated circuits - a new concept for high-frequency electronics and optoelectronics
Current state-of-the-art of circuit design and implementation platforms based on this new concept are reviewed and discussed in detail and future research and development trends are discussed with reference to low-cost innovative design of millimeter-wave and optoelectronic integrated circuits. Expand
Single-substrate integration technique of planar circuits and waveguide filters
The integrated planar technique has been considered as a reliable candidate for low-cost mass production of millimeter-wave circuits and systems. This paper presents new concepts that allow for aExpand
Air-Filled Substrate Integrated Waveguide for Low-Loss and High Power-Handling Millimeter-Wave Substrate Integrated Circuits
An air-filled substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) made of a multilayer printed circuit board process is proposed in this paper. It is of particular interest for millimeter-wave applications thatExpand
Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide: A New Guided Wave Structure for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Application
  • W. Hong, B. Liu, +6 authors Ke Wu
  • Materials Science
  • Joint 31st International Conference on Infrared…
  • 1 September 2006
In this paper, a new guided wave structure of half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) for microwave and millimeter wave application is proposed for the first time. The principle of the HMSIWExpand
Half Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide (HMSIW) Bandpass Filter
This letter presents the design and experiment of the half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) bandpass filters. Three-pole and five-pole HMSIW filters are simulated by using CST software andExpand
A Novel Substrate Integrated Coaxial Line (SICL) for Wide-Band Applications
A novel substrate integrated coaxial line (SICL) is presented and experimentally verified in this paper. This structure exhibits unimodal operation over a wide frequency band, is shielded and notExpand
Dual-Band and Triple-Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters With Chebyshev and Quasi-Elliptic Responses
In this paper, synthesis and design techniques of dual- and triple-passband filters with Chebyshev and quasi-elliptic symmetric frequency responses are proposed and demonstrated for the first time onExpand