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Based on Paillier public key cryptosystem, a new threshold signature scheme is presented, which under RSA[N,N] assumption, is unforgeable and robust in random oracle model. The scheme enjoys the following properties: signature share generation and verification are non-interactive; and the size of an individual signature share is bounded by a constant times(More)
González Vasco et al. extend the area of application of algorithms for the hidden number problem in 2004. Using this extension and relations among the bits in and binary fraction expansion of x mod p/p, we present a probabilistic algorithm for some trapdoor functions to recover a hidden message when an imperfect oracle is given of predicting most(More)
Knapsack Diffie-Hellman problem with bilinear parings(KDH), proposed by Han et al, has been proved as hard as Subset Sum problem. Enhanced short signature scheme with hybrid problems is a signature scheme proposed by Su based on KDH problem. In this paper, we present a message attack that the adversary can easily forged a signature by capturing only one(More)
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