Ke-Wei Chen

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The slow growth-high mortality hypothesis (SG-HG) predicts that slower growing herbivores suffer greater mortality due to a prolonged window of vulnerability. Given diverse plant-herbivore-natural enemy systems resulting from different feeding ecologies of herbivores and natural enemies, this hypothesis might not always be applicable to all systems. This is(More)
In this study, an interactive block-building system named as e-Block system is developed for children to learn the concepts of geometric structures and space. First, the system displays a picture (e.g., car or house) of the target object intended for the child to assemble. The child then follows the instructions provided by the system and uses various(More)
The predatory stink bug Eocanthecona furcellata (Wolff) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), which is widely distributed in the subtropics and tropics, is a potential biological control agent for lepidopteran, coleopteran, and hemipteran pests. We investigated development of eggs oviposited by E. furcellata females subjected to various photoperiods (i.e., 8L:16D,(More)
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