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ANMLzoo: a benchmark suite for exploring bottlenecks in automata processing engines and architectures
High-performance automata-processing engines are traditionally evaluated using a limited set of regular expression-rulesets. While regular expression rulesets are valid real-world examples of useExpand
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Large-scale gaseous filaments with lengths up to the order of 100 pc are on the upper end of the filamentary hierarchy of the Galactic interstellar medium (ISM). Their association with respect to theExpand
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Random perturbation of low rank matrices: Improving classical bounds
Matrix perturbation inequalities, such as Weyl's theorem (concerning the singular values) and the Davis-Kahan theorem (concerning the singular vectors), play essential roles in quantitative science;Expand
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Load profiling and its application to demand response: A review
The smart grid has been revolutionizing electrical generation and consumption through a two-way flow of power and information. As an important information source from the demand side, AdvancedExpand
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Association Rule Mining with the Micron Automata Processor
Association rule mining (ARM) is a widely used data mining technique for discovering sets of frequently associated items in large databases. As datasets grow in size and real-time analysis becomesExpand
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Multiple Imputation Using Deep Denoising Autoencoders
Missing data is a well-recognized problem impacting all domains. State-of-theart framework to minimize missing data bias is multiple imputation, for which the choice of an imputation model remainsExpand
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Detailed Garment Recovery from a Single-View Image
Most recent garment capturing techniques rely on acquiring multiple views of clothing, which may not always be readily available, especially in the case of pre-existing photographs from the web. AsExpand
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A study on 2D and 3D weighted centroid localization algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
An improved 2D weighted centroid localization algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is proposed. Compared with most previous approaches, the improved algorithm uses a optimized threshold toExpand
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A hybrid self-adaptive Particle Swarm Optimization–Genetic Algorithm–Radial Basis Function model for annual electricity demand prediction
Abstract The present study proposes a hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Genetic Algorithm optimized Radial Basis Function (PSO–GA-RBF) neural network for prediction of annual electricity demand.Expand
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COSET: A Benchmark for Evaluating Neural Program Embeddings
Neural program embedding can be helpful in analyzing large software, a task that is challenging for traditional logic-based program analyses due to their limited scalability. A key focus of recentExpand
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