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The Email Mining Toolkit (EMT) is a data mining system that computes behavior profiles or models of user email accounts. These models may be used for a variety of forensic analyses and detection tasks. In this paper we focus on the application of these models to detect the early onset of a viral propagation without "contentbased" (or signature-based)(More)
This paper is concerned with the inhomogeneous nonlinear Shrödinger equation (INLS-equation) iut +∆u+ V ( x)|u|u = 0, x ∈ R . In the critical and supercritical cases p ≥ 4/N, with N ≥ 2, it is shown here that standing-wave solutions of (INLS-equation) on H1(RN ) perturbation are nonlinearly unstable or unstable by blow-up under certain conditions on the(More)
In applications that require cost efficiency, sample sizes are typically small so that the problem of empty strata may often occur in judgment poststratification (JPS), an important variant of balanced ranked set sampling. In this article, we consider estimation of population cumulative distribution functions (CDF) from JPS samples with empty strata. In the(More)
In this paper, a two-stage stochastic unit commitment (UC) model considering flexible scheduling of demand response (DR) is proposed. In the proposed UC model, the DR resources can be scheduled: (1) in the first stage, as resources on a day-ahead basis to integrate the predicted wind fluctuation with lower uncertainty; (2) in the second stage, as resources(More)