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INTRODUCTION Predictors for smoking cessation have been identified in different studies but some of the predictors have been variable and inconsistent. In this study, we reviewed all the potential variables including medication, counselling, and others not commonly studied to identify the robust predictors of smoking cessation. METHODS This historical(More)
BACKGROUND Eczema lesions are characterized by impaired expression of antimicrobial peptides such as cathelicidin, which play crucial roles in the innate immune defence against cutaneous infections. LL-37 corresponds to amino acids 134-170 of human cathelicidin and is a multifunctional host defence molecule essential for normal immune responses to infection(More)
Wearable Technology also called wearable gadget, is acategory of technology devices with low processing capabilities that can be worn by a user with the aim to provide information and ease of access to the master devices its pairing with. Such examples are Google Glass and Smart watch. The impact of wearable technology becomes significant when people start(More)
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