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Biochars produced at different heat treatment temperatures (HTT) are molecularly distinct and thus expected to show variable sorbent characteristics. We investigated the difference in sorption behavior of norflurazon (NORO) and fluridone (FLUN) to biochars from wood and grass feedstocks produced at different HTT. Amorphous biochars (HTT=400°C) exhibited the(More)
Anastomosing hemangioma is a recently described, unusual variant of capillary hemangioma which seems to be unique for the genitourinary system, with a particular proclivity for the kidney. Histologically, it is characterized by a unique sinusoidal architecture reminiscent of splenic parenchyma that can lead to concern for angiosarcoma. We herein report a(More)
Simazine sorption to corn straw biochars prepared at various temperatures (100-600 °C) was examined to understand its sorption behavior as influenced by characteristics of biochars. Biochars were characterized via elemental analysis, BET-N(2) surface area (SA), FTIR and (13)C NMR. Freundlich and dual-mode models described sorption isotherms well. Positive(More)
The recent development of modular multilevel converters (MMC) provides new opportunities for medium voltage DC (MVDC) systems for all electric ship design and offshore wind parks. Therefore, the Center for Advanced Power Systems at Florida State University has recently commissioned a new MVDC power-hardware-in-the-loop laboratory rated at 5 MW at DC(More)
Leishmaniasis is a vector-borne disease, which is still endemic in the west and northwest area of China. Canines are the major reservoirs of Leishmania, the etiological agent of human visceral leishmaniasis. Phlebotomus chinensis is the main transmission vector of zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis (ZVL). In this study, rK39 dip-stick, ELISA and PCR methods(More)
INTRODUCTION Complete sterilization of an infected root canal is an important challenge in endodontic treatment. Traditional methods often cannot achieve high-efficiency sterilization because of the complexity of the root canal system. The objective of the study was to investigate in vitro the feasibility of using a cold plasma treatment of a root canal(More)
Tetracycline (TC) is frequently detected in the environment, however, knowledge on the environmental fate and transport of TC is still limited. Batch adsorption experiments of TC by soil and sediment samples were conducted. The distribution of charge and electrostatic potential of individual atoms of various TC species in the aqueous solution were(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether intravitreal administration of microplasmin (microPlm) will degrade fibronectin (FN) and laminin (LN) in rat retina during microPlm-induced posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). METHODS Increasing doses of microPlm, from 0.01 U to 0.03 U, were injected into the left eyes of 60 Sprague-Dawley rats to induce PVD. The right eyes(More)
Thermal and hydrothermal biochars were characterized, and adsorption of bisphenol A (BPA), 17α-ethinyl estradiol (EE2) and phenanthrene (Phen) was determined to investigate the sorption characteristic difference between the two types of biochars. Thermal biochars were composed mostly of aromatic moieties, with low H/C and O/C ratios as compared to(More)
Sorption of 17alpha-ethinyl estradiol (EE2) and bisphenol A (BPA) by nonhydrolyzable carbon (NHC), black carbon (BC), and bulk soils and sediments was examined. All sorption isotherms were nonlinear and fitted both Freundlich and Dubinin-Ashtakhov (DA) models. The single-point organic carbon (OC)-normalized distribution coefficient (K(OC)) of EE2 for the(More)