Ke-Song Liu

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Homo-purine (d-TGAGGAAAGAAGGT) and homo-pyrimidine (d-CTCCTTTCTTCC) oligomers have been designed such that they are complementary in parallel orientation. When mixed in a 1:1 molar ratio, the system adopts an antiparallel duplex at neutral pH with three mismatched base pairs. On lowering the pH below 5.5, a new complex is formed. The NMR results show the(More)
We have carried out NMR and molecular mechanics studies on a complex formed when a palindromic homopyrimidine dodecamer (d-CTTCTCCTCTTC) and a homopurine hexamer (d-GAAGAG) are mixed in 1:1 molar ratio in aqueous solutions. Such studies unequivocally establish that two strands of each oligomer combine to form a triple-stranded DNA structure with a(More)
Lattice-model simulations and experiments of some small proteins suggest that folding is essentially controlled by a few conserved contacts. Residues of these conserved contacts form the minimum set of native contacts needed to ensure foldability. Keeping such conserved specific contacts in mind, we examine contacts made by two secondary structure elements(More)
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