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Crop agronomic parameters (leaf area index (LAI), nitrogen (N) uptake, total chlorophyll (Chl) content ) are very important for the prediction of crop growth. The objective of this experiment was to investigate whether the wheat LAI, N uptake, and total Chl content could be accurately predicted using spectral indices collected at different stages of wheat(More)
The US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system version 4.7 is further developed to enhance its capability in simulating the photochemical cycles in the presence of dust particles. The new model treatments implemented in CMAQ v4.7 in this work include two online dust emission schemes (i.e., the Zender(More)
The correlation of cotton leaf verticillium wilt severity level with raw hyperspectral reflectance, first derivative hyperspectral reflectance, and hyperspectral characteristic parameters was analyzed. Using linear and nonlinear regression methods, the hyperspectral remote sensing retrieval models of verticillium wilt severity level with remote sensing(More)
Biomass, leaf area index (LAI) and nitrogen status are important parameters for indicating crop growth potential and photosynthetic productivity in wheat. Nondestructive, quick assessment of leaf dry weight, LAI and nitrogen content is necessary for nitrogen nutrition diagnosis and cultural regulation in wheat production. In order to establish the(More)
The spectrum reflectance and pigment contents of cotton leaves infected with Verticillium wilt were measured in cotton disease nursery and field in different growth phases, and severity level of Verticillium wilt was investigated. The correlation between pigment contents of cotton leaves with Verticillium wilt and spectra reflectance, the first derivative(More)
The spectral signatures of crop canopies in the field provide much information relating morphological or quality characteristics of crops to their optical properties. This experiment was conducted using two winter-wheat (Triticum aestivum) cultivars, Jingdong8 (with erect leaves) and Zhongyou9507 (with horizontal leaves). We analysiced the relation between(More)
Cotton production for accurate non-destructive, rapid monitoring of plant nitrogen content there is an urgent demand. Canopy spectral characteristics of the cotton plant and its quantitative relationship between nitrogen content, can achieve non-destructive monitoring of cotton nitrogen. Two consecutive years by different nitrogen test, cotton canopy(More)
The spectrum and physical-chemical parameters were measured on cotton leaves infected by aphid with different severity levels (SL) at main cotton growth periods. Meanwhile, the reflectance and physical-chemical parameters of cotton leaves infected by aphid were analyzed and compared in different cotton growth periods and varieties. The sensitivity wave(More)
The accurate wheat management needs a reasonable nitrogen application, and it is one of the key measures for real-time and quantitatively monitoring of nitrogen status to gain the higher yield of wheat. In the present study, two field experiments were conducted with different nitrogen stress and wheat cultivars, the relationship was analyzed between(More)
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