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Bidirectional promoters are shared promoter sequences between divergent gene pair (genes proximal to each other on opposite strands), and can regulate the genes in both directions. In the human genome, > 10% of protein-coding genes are arranged head-to-head on opposite strands, with transcription start sites that are separated by < 1,000 base pairs. Many(More)
This paper presents a robust spatial watermarking scheme for 3D point cloud models using self-similarity partition. In the new scheme, 3D point cloud model is uniquely partitioned into patches using octree structure and PCA preprocessing. Then a concise similarity measurement is designed to identify and cluster similar patches to similar patch chains and(More)
  • Ke Qi
  • Fifth International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2014
In this paper, a direct adaptive neural network sliding-mode fault-tolerance control architecture is proposed for a class of SISO nonlinear systems. The architecture employs neural network to approximate the optimal controller which is designed on the assumption that all the dynamics in the system are known. With the sliding-mode controller technique, the(More)
This paper presents a new adaptive, high-capacity steganography for 3D point cloud models using self-similarity segmentation. Every embedding vertex of the model can adaptively embed variable &#x03C3; (&#x03C3; &#x2265;4) bits using an adaptive self-similarity position matching procedure with low distortion which uses normal direction of vertexes to(More)
According to the characteristics of multi-core architectures and binary storage property of integer sequence, this paper proposes an efficient thread-level parallel algorithm for sorting integer sequence on multi-core computers. The algorithm divides the input integer sequence to several data blocks in main memory and distributes these blocks into the(More)
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