Ke Min Zhang

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This paper describes a new approach for design and implementation of programmable voltage reference based on current mode bandgap voltage reference and a proportional summing circuit. The circuit is simulated and fabricated with Chartered 0.35um mixed-signal technology, and our measurements demonstrate that its temperature coefficient is ±35.07ppm/°C from 0(More)
Probes for monitoring mRNA expression in vivo are of great interest for the study of biological and biomedical problems, but progress has been hampered by poor signal to noise and effective means for delivering the probes into live cells. Herein we report a PNA·DNA strand displacement-activated fluorescent probe that can image the expression of iNOS(More)
The miR396 and growth-regulating factor (GRF) regulatory network is evolutionarily conserved among plant species. The orthologous GRF genes in rice were involved in regulating grain development, and targeted by miR396. However, there are still no more information about the involvement of miR396 and GRF genes in maize grain. In this article, RNA sequencing(More)
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