Ke-Min Wu

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A 7-yr-old girl presented with isosexual precocious puberty secondary to a feminizing adrenal adenoma. The adrenal tumor was found to express aromatase messenger ribonucleic acid. Enzyme kinetic studies revealed a high level of aromatase activity in the adrenal tumor, with a K(m) of 45 nmol/L and a maximum velocity of 25.6 pmol/mg.h. Aromatase activity was(More)
The multiple myeloma SET domain (MMSET) involved in the t(4;14)(p16;q32) chromosomal translocation encodes a histone lysine methyltransferase. High expression of MMSET is common translocation in multiple myeloma (MM) and is associated with the worst prognosis. Recent studies have shown that overexpression of MMSET is significant in other tumor types(More)
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