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The steady growth of installed wind power together with the upscaling of the single wind turbine power capability has pushed the research and development of power converters toward full-scale power conversion, lowered cost pr kW, increased power density, and also the need for higher reliability. In this paper, power converter technologies are reviewed with(More)
Wireless sensor networks are built upon a shared medium that makes it easy for adversaries to conduct radio interference, or jamming, attacks that effectively cause a denial of service of either transmission or reception functionalities. These attacks can easily be accomplished by an adversary by either bypassing MAC-layer protocols or emitting a radio(More)
The bile acid receptor farnesoid X receptor (FXR; NR1H4) is a central regulator of bile acid and lipid metabolism. We show here that FXR plays a key regulatory role in glucose homeostasis. FXR-null mice developed severe fatty liver and elevated circulating FFAs, which was associated with elevated serum glucose and impaired glucose and insulin tolerance.(More)
Wind power is still the most promising renewable energy in the year of 2013. The wind turbine system (WTS) started with a few tens of kilowatt power in the 1980s. Now, multimegawatt wind turbines are widely installed even up to 6-8 MW. There is a widespread use of wind turbines in the distribution networks and more and more wind power stations, acting as(More)
Liver mass depends on one or more unidentified humoral signals that drive regeneration when liver functional capacity is diminished. Bile acids are important liver products, and their levels are tightly regulated. Here, we identify a role for nuclear receptor-dependent bile acid signaling in normal liver regeneration. Elevated bile acid levels accelerate(More)
It has been discussed in the literature that the mobility of a mobile sensor network (MSN) can be used to improve its sensing coverage. How the mobility can efficiently be managed toward a better coverage, however, remains unanswered. In this paper, motivated by classical dynamics that study the movement of objects, we propose the concept of network(More)
High-density lipoprotein (HDL) protects against atherosclerosis. Endothelial lipase (EL) has been postulated to be involved in lipoprotein, and possibly HDL, metabolism, yet the evidence has been scarce and conflicting. We have inactivated EL in mice by gene targeting. EL(-/-) mice have elevated plasma and HDL cholesterol, and increased apolipoproteins A-I(More)
As a key component in the wind turbine system, the power electronic converter and its power semiconductors suffer from complicated power loadings related to environment, and are proven to have high failure rates. Therefore, correct lifetime estimation of wind power converter is crucial for the reliability improvement and also for cost reduction of wind(More)
The mobility provided by mobile ad hoc and sensor networks will facilitate new mobility-oriented services. Recent work has demonstrated that, for many issues, mobility is advantageous to network operations. This paper proposes that the need for mobility may be captured by formulating the movement of nodes as a classical dynamical system. Motivated by(More)