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The aim of this study was to provide the experimental basis for effective prevention and treatment of obliterative bronchiolitis (OB) by studying the changes on the microRNA (miRNA) expression profile after an orthotopic tracheal transplantation (OTT) simulating lung transplantation (LT). The OTT was performed on inbred rats to establish an OB animal model(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the epidemic situation on schistosomiasis in five years after reaching the criteria of transmission control in 1995 in Dali City. METHODS Epidemiological data of schistosomiasis during 1995-2000 were collected and analyzed. RESULTS Stool positive rate in the population was increasing yearly, new cases of infection including cases(More)
Successful doping of Eu3+ ions into ZnO nanocrystals has been realized by using a low temperature wet chemical doping technique. The substitution of Eu3+ for Zn2+ is shown to be dominant in the Eu-doped ZnO nanocrystals by analyzing the X-ray diffraction patterns, transmission electron microscopy images, Raman and selectively excited photoluminescence(More)
We present what is to our knowledge a new approach to generating tunable blue light by cascaded nonlinear frequency conversion in a single LiTaO3 crystal. Simultaneous quasi-phase matching of an optical parametric generation process and a sum-frequency mixing process is achieved by means of structuring the crystal with a quasi-periodic optical superlattice.(More)
Forty-seven surface water samples were collected from the main stream and 22 tributaries in area of the Three Gorges Reservoir, 15 phenolic compounds in these samples were analyzed using GC/MS. The results showed that the concentrations of phenolic compounds in the samples from the main stream and tributaries were 52.47 ng x L(-1) and 87.99 ng x L(-1),(More)
Severe fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (SFTS) is an emerging hemorrhagic fever disease in the rural areas of east-central China, which is caused by SFTSV-a newly discovered bunyavirus. SFTSV is most likely transmitted by tick bites but can also be transmitted within human beings. The onset of SFTS is sudden and with rapid progress, with main clinical(More)
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