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  • Md Shahadatullah Khan, M A Sc, K F Li, E G Manning, Elec Eng Comp, N J Dimopoulos +5 others
  • 1998
Flexible and adaptive quality of service (QoS) is desirable for real-time multi-media applications. Suppose a multimedia system is supporting a 30 frame/second video stream which is using a network bandwidth of 2 Mbps, and due to network congestion the network bandwidth is reduced to 1 Mbps. It is desirable that the system supports graceful adaptation of(More)
— A new protocol for quantum broadcast channels based on the fully quantum Slepian-Wolf protocol is presented. The protocol yields an achievable rate region for entanglement-assisted transmission of quantum information through a quantum broadcast channel that can be considered the quantum analogue of Marton's region for classical broadcast channels. The(More)
fMRI was used to examine lexical processing in native adult Chinese speakers. A 2 task (semantics and phonology) x 2 modality (visual and auditory) within-subject design was adopted. The semantic task involved a meaning association judgment and the phonological task involved a rhyming judgment to two sequentially presented words. The overall effect across(More)
High acetate accumulation was produced during glucose fermentation in high cell density cultures, which is harmful to cell growth. In order to reduce the negative impact of acetate accumulation on the fermentation products, we introduced the Escherichia coli acetyl-CoA synthetase (ACS) gene into the marine microalga Schizochytrium sp. TIO1101, generating(More)
  • K F Li, S A Plimmer, J P R David, R C Tozer, G J Rees, P N Robson +2 others
  • 1999
— We have performed electron initiated avalanche noise measurements on a range of homojunction InP p + + +-in + + + diodes with " i " region widths, w w w ranging from 2.40 to 0.24 m. In contrast to McIntyre's noise model a significant reduction in the excess noise factor is observed with decreasing w w w at a constant multiplication in spite of , the(More)