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A compact two-dimensional (2-D) full-wave finite-difference frequency-domain method is proposed for the analysis of dispersion characteristics of a general guided wave structure. Because the longitudinal field components are eliminated in the proposed method, only four transverse field components are involved in the final resulting eigen equation. This(More)
A rigorous modal analysis (MA) for the -plane waveguide T-junction loaded with a partial-height conducting post is presented in this paper. The analysis is based on the classical resonator mode-matching technique for waveguide junction problems and a novel concept called extended eigenmode functions. The new concept can be used for constructing eigenmode(More)
In this paper, a new configuration of Tapered Slot Antenna (TSA) with improved radiation pattern is proposed and studied. This antenna is designed in the form of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) array with respect to side lobe level constraints. For side lobe reduction, a simple quasi-triangular distribution is proposed and is accomplished uniquely by(More)
This paper presents a novel analytical approach to extracting of the coupling matrix of a narrow band general Chebyshev bandpass filter with losses. The approach is very useful for computer aided tuning of a microwave bandpass filter. The concept of phase loading is revealed for the first time in the community of computer aided tuning. The analytical(More)
This paper introduces a novel design of Butler matrix in substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology with wide frequency band characteristics. Butler matrices are particularly useful in advanced antenna design and characteristics such as wideband operation, power handling, manufacturing, integration, cost, etc. are typical issues to be addressed in many(More)
A full-wave analysis of an inhomogeneous waveguide region with both planar and circular cylindrical boundaries is presented in this paper. Circular cylindrical modal functions are used to represent the fields. Field matching on the planar walls and apertures is rigorously achieved by the finite plane-wave series expansion of each modal field, whereas the(More)
In traditional adaptive frequency sampling (AFS) techniques, it is inevitable to invert an matrix in order to solve for the coefficients of targeted rational interpolation functions, where is the number of samples. The ill-conditioned matrix of a large restricts traditional AFS techniques to an electromagnetic simulation accelerator for a circuit with few(More)
This paper presents a general sequentially coupled wideband bandpass filter and its direct synthesis and design theory. The filter can achieve the same number of controllable transmission zeros (TZs) as that of resonators above the passband. Each resonator consists of a pair of shunt connected capacitively loaded stub and a grounded inductive stub.(More)
A novel, broadband, vialess, and vertical microstrip-to-microstrip transition is proposed in this paper. The transition consists of two open-circuited microstrip resonators and a U-shaped resonant-slot on the common ground plane. A physics-based equivalent-circuit model is developed for interpreting its working mechanism and facilitating the design process.(More)
In this paper, an integrated low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) laminated waveguide to microstrip line T-junction is proposed and experimentally verified. A multilayer bellshape probe end comprising multiple parallel metallic pads is used to improve the bandwidth and matching condition. The experimental result shows good correlation with the simulated(More)