Ke Ji

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Kiss-1 and Kiss-1R have been suggested as a novel pair of metastasis suppressors for several human solid tumours, however, their role in colorectal cancer remains largely unknown. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the role and signal transduction of Kiss-1 and Kiss-1R in colorectal cancer. Ribozyme transgenes were used to knockdown high(More)
—With the rapid development of the multimedia,the secure of the multimedia is get more concerned. as far as we know , Digital watermarking is an effective way to protect copyright. The watermark must be generally hidden does not affect the quality of the original image. In this paper,a novel way based on discrete cosine transform(DCT) and singular value(More)
—The reason why smart home remains not popularized lies in bad product user experience, purchasing cost, and compatibility, and a lack of industry standard[1]. Echoing problems above, and having relentless devoted to software and hardware innovation and practice, we have independently developed a set of solution which is based on innovation and integration(More)
—This paper proposes a tag identify approach based on fragile Watermark that based on Least significant bit of the replacement that we first use a special way to initialize the cover to ensure that we can use random positions to embed the information of tag. Using this way enhance the security of other to get the right information of this tag. Finally as(More)
BACKGROUND DAP3 is a member of the death-associated protein (DAP) family and is characterised by proapoptotic function. It is involved in both exogenous and endogenous apoptotic pathways. In our previous studies, apoptotic level was found to be correlated with the effectiveness of preoperative chemotherapy. The effectiveness of preoperative chemotherapy was(More)