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Software security issues have been a major concern to the cyberspace community, so a great deal of research on security testing has been performed, and various security testing techniques have been developed. Most of these techniques , however, have focused on testing software systems after their implementation is completed. To build secure and dependable(More)
Partial Reconfiguration (PR) is a method for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs which allows multiple applications to time-share a portion of an FPGA while the rest of the device continues to operate unaffected. Using this strategy, the physical layer processing architecture in Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems can benefit from reduced(More)
The bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) system is widely used in isolation of large genomic fragments of interest. Construction of a routine BAC library requires several months for picking clones and arraying BACs into superpools in order to employ 4D-PCR to screen positive BACs, which might be time-consuming and laborious. The major histocompatibility(More)
Weak antilocalization (WAL) and linear magnetoresistance (LMR) are two most commonly observed magnetoresistance (MR) phenomena in topological insulators (TIs) and often attributed to the Dirac topological surface states (TSS). However, ambiguities exist because these phenomena could also come from bulk states (often carrying significant conduction in many(More)
Acarbose is an α-glucosidase inhibitor that is commonly used to control postprandial blood glucose. It functions as a competitive and reversible inhibitor of small intestinal brush border glucosidase, blocks the degradation of starch and sucrose, and delays the absorption of glucose and fructose in the alimentary tract. The starch content of a diet might(More)
Using scanning tunneling microscopy, we demonstrate that the nucleation density of Fe islands on the surface of nanoscale Pb films oscillates with the film thickness, providing a direct manifestation of the quantum size effect on surface diffusion. The Fe adatom diffusion barriers were derived to be 204+/-5 and 187+/-5 meV on a 21 and 26 monolayer (ML) Pb(More)
The present study aimed to explore the holistic mechanism for the antihypertrophic effect of a compound in Chinese medicine, QiShenYiQi Pills (QSYQ) and the contributions of its components to the effect in rats with cardiac hypertrophy (CH). After induction of CH by ascending aortic stenosis, rats were treated with QSYQ, each identified active ingredient(More)
We report transport studies on the 5 nm thick Bi 2 Se 3 topological insulator films which are grown via molecular beam epitaxy technique. The angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy data show that the Fermi level of the system lies in the bulk conduction band above the Dirac point, suggesting important contribution of bulk states to the transport results.(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the airway exposure of sugar and papermaking factory workers to aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and to explore the potential association between AFB1 airway exposure and the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in a case-control study. Dust samples were collected from the sugarcane bagasse warehouse, and presser and paper(More)