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In this paper, the dynamic modelling and control design of a planar parallel manipulator used as a pick-and-place machine, is addressed. First, in a departure from standard modelling techniques utilized for planar parallel mechanisms, it is demonstrated that since the translational axes of the manipulator are driven by DC motors through industry standard(More)
Network traffic forecasting plays an important part in network control. A new method based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) denoising and Support Vector Machines (SVM) is developed to improve the accuracy of the traffic prediction. Firstly, network traffic data are preprocessed by EMD to remove noise. Then the denoised data are processed by phase(More)
A high-speed, high-accuracy linear positioning system with application to electronic manufacturing is designed to satisfy four simultaneous closed-loop specifications by integrated design approach. Utilizing the three-stage convex integrated design (CID) method proposed here, the mechanical structure parameters of the linear positioning system, both the(More)
We consider a manufacturer facing single period inventory planning problem with uncertain demand and multiple options of expediting. The demand comes at a certain time in the future. The manufacturer may order the product in advance with a relatively low cost. She can order additional amount by expediting after the demand is realized. There are a number of(More)