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Modeling NO x emissions from coal fired utility boiler is critical to develop a predictive emissions monitoring system (PEMS) and to implement combustion optimization software package for low NO x combustion. This paper presents an efficient NO x emissions model based on support vector regression (SVR), and compares its performance with traditional modeling(More)
Combustion optimization has been proved to be an effective way to reduce the NOx emissions and unburned carbon in fly ash by carefully setting the operational parameters of boilers. However, there is a trade-off relationship between NOx emissions and the boiler economy, which could be expressed by Pareto solutions. The aim of this work is to achieve(More)
The combustion behavior of typical components of MSW was examined with a thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA). The experiments were done over the temperature range of room temperature to 1000 degrees C at a heating rate of 10 degrees C/min and in an oxidizing atmosphere. The results indicated that the entire weight loss process of each typical component of(More)
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