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Feature Mining for Localised Crowd Counting
This paper presents a multi-output regression model for crowd counting in public scenes. Existing counting by regression methods either learn a single model for global counting, or train a largeExpand
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Cumulative Attribute Space for Age and Crowd Density Estimation
A number of computer vision problems such as human age estimation, crowd density estimation and body/face pose (view angle) estimation can be formulated as a regression problem by learning a mappingExpand
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CACTI-3DD: Architecture-level modeling for 3D die-stacked DRAM main memory
Emerging 3D die-stacked DRAM technology is one of the most promising solutions for future memory architectures to satisfy the ever-increasing demands on performance, power, and cost. This paperExpand
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Gerontechnology acceptance by elderly Hong Kong Chinese: a senior technology acceptance model (STAM)
The purpose of this study was to develop and test a senior technology acceptance model (STAM) aimed at understanding the acceptance of gerontechnology by older Hong Kong Chinese people. The proposedExpand
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CACTI-P: Architecture-level modeling for SRAM-based structures with advanced leakage reduction techniques
This paper introduces CACTI-P, the first architecture-level integrated power, area, and timing modeling framework for SRAM-based structures with advanced leakage power reduction techniques. CACTI-PExpand
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Semi-Supervised Learning via Regularized Boosting Working on Multiple Semi-Supervised Assumptions
  • Ke Chen, Shihai Wang
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 2011
Semi-supervised learning concerns the problem of learning in the presence of labeled and unlabeled data. Several boosting algorithms have been extended to semi-supervised learning with variousExpand
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Image selective segmentation under geometrical constraints using an active contour approach
In this paper we propose a new model for segmentation of an image under some geometrical constraints in order to detect special regions of interest. Our work is based on the recent work by Gout etExpand
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CSCD: a database for cancer-specific circular RNAs
Abstract Circular RNA (circRNA) is a large group of RNA family extensively existed in cells and tissues. High-throughput sequencing provides a way to view circRNAs across different samples,Expand
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Sumblr: continuous summarization of evolving tweet streams
With the explosive growth of microblogging services, short-text messages (also known as tweets) are being created and shared at an unprecedented rate. Tweets in its raw form can be incrediblyExpand
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Induction of leptin resistance through direct interaction of C-reactive protein with leptin
The mechanisms underlying leptin resistance are still being defined. We report here the presence in human blood of several serum leptin-interacting proteins (SLIPs), isolated by leptin-affinityExpand
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