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Erythropoiesis is the process by which nucleated erythroid progenitors proliferate and differentiate to generate, every second, millions of nonnucleated red cells with their unique discoid shape and membrane material properties. Here we examined the time course of appearance of individual membrane protein components during murine erythropoiesis to throw new(More)
With the explosive growth of microblogging services, short-text messages (also known as tweets) are being created and shared at an unprecedented rate. Tweets in its raw form can be incredibly informative, but also overwhelming. For both end-users and data analysts it is a nightmare to plow through millions of tweets which contain enormous noises and(More)
The mechanisms underlying leptin resistance are still being defined. We report here the presence in human blood of several serum leptin-interacting proteins (SLIPs), isolated by leptin-affinity chromatography and identified by mass spectrometry and immunochemical analysis. We confirmed that one of the major SLIPs is C-reactive protein (CRP). In vitro, human(More)
The emerging location-based social network (LBSN) services not only allow people to maintain cyber links with their friends, but also enable them to share the events happening on them at different locations. The geo-social correlations among event participants make it possible to quantify mutual user influence for various events. Such a quantification of(More)
Personalized web search (PWS) has demonstrated its effectiveness in improving the quality of various search services on the Internet. However, evidences show that users' reluctance to disclose their private information during search has become a major barrier for the wide proliferation of PWS. We study privacy protection in PWS applications that model user(More)
The objective of this study was to describe trends in the incidence rates of primary liver cancer in a geographically defined Chinese population. Primary liver cancer cases (N=13 685) were diagnosed between 1981 and 2000 and identified by the Tianjin Cancer Registry. Age-adjusted and age-specific incidence rates were examined in both males and females.(More)
Although recent evidence suggests that leptin can directly regulate a wide spectrum of peripheral functions, including fat metabolism, genetic examples are still needed to illustrate the physiological significance of direct actions of leptin in a given peripheral tissue. To this end, we used a technical knock-out approach to reduce the expression of leptin(More)
Adiponectin is intimately involved in the regulation of insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and cardiovascular functions. The circulating concentration of adiponectin is decreased in obesity and Type 2 diabetes. The present study attempts to elucidate the mechanisms underlying the regulation of adiponectin secretion and expression in rat(More)
PTENP1 is a pseudogene of the PTEN tumor suppression gene (TSG). The functions of PTENP1 in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) have not yet been studied. We found that PTENP1 is downregulated in ccRCC tissues and cells due to methylation. PTENP1 and PTEN are direct targets of miRNA miR21 and their expression is suppressed by miR21 in ccRCC cell lines.(More)
PURPOSE In this study we tried to systematically investigate the tumor suppressing microRNAs in ccRCC. MATERIALS AND METHODS The MTS cell viability and colony formation assay were used to systematically detect the tumor suppressing ability of down-regulated miRNAs in ccRCC. Then miR-206 expression was detected by RT-qPCR and in situ hybridization in ccRCC(More)