Kazuyuki Saito

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An axisymmetric model for the Crab Nebula is constructed to examine the flow dynamics in the nebula. The model is based on that of Kennel and Coro-niti (1984), although we assume that the kinetic-energy-dominant wind is confined in an equatorial region. The evolution of the distribution function of the electron-positron plasma flowing out in the neb-ula is(More)
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a developed technology and useful for several fields; moreover, it has promising for reducing medical error and receiving the patients' information without connecting cable lines in hospitals. In this paper, we present an implanted RFID antenna with 50-ohm system for medical/health-care applications. The antenna is(More)
Variation of the dielectric properties of tissues could happen due to aging, moisture of the skin, muscle denervation, and variation of blood flow by temperature. Several studies used burst-modulated alternating stimulation to improve activation and comfort by reducing tissue impedance as a possible mechanism to generate muscle activation with less energy.(More)
Microwave thermal therapy is one of the modalities for cancer treatment. One example is microwave hyperthermia which is a thermal therapy for carcinoma based on the decrease of the survival ratio of cancer cells by heating. In particular, we have been studying the intracavitary heating using the implanted biliary stent and a thin coaxial microwave probe(More)