Kazuyuki Hatakeyama

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An essential cofactor for the endothelial NO synthase is tetrahydrobiopterin (H4B). In the present study, we show that in human endothelial cells, laminar shear stress dramatically increases H4B levels and enzymatic activity of GTP cyclohydrolase (GTPCH)-1, the first step of H4B biosynthesis. In contrast, protein levels of GTPCH-1 were not affected by(More)
Endothelial production of nitric oxide (NO) is dependent on adequate cellular levels of tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4), an important cofactor for the nitric oxide synthases. Vascular diseases are often characterized by vessel wall inflammation and cytokine treatment of endothelial cells increases BH4 levels, in part through the induction of GTP cyclohydrolase I(More)
The present study demonstrated the three-dimensional architecture of peri-insular nerve plexuses in the murine pancreas by the combined use of light microscopy of S-100 immunostained sections, transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of thin sections, and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of KOH digested tissues. By light microscopy of thin sections(More)
Nitric oxide (NO) regulates the biological activity of many enzymes and other functional proteins as well as gene expression. In this study, we tested whether pretreatment with NO regulates NO production in response to cytokines in cultured rat hepatocytes. Hepatocytes were recovered in fresh medium for 24 h following pretreatment with the NO donor(More)
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