Kazuyuki Fukuoka

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In sub 1 V CMOS VLSIs, the authors proposed a new body bias generation circuits in which Ids and Vt of pMOS/nMOS become always fixed. The mixed body bias techniques result in positive temperature dependence of the delay, 85% reduction of the delay variation, and 75% improvement of power consumption of SRAM on a mobile processor.
We have developed a power-gating technique for a mobile processor in 28-nm HKMG technology. The proposed EM-tolerant 1.8V I/O NMOS power switch reduces the standby power to 1/641× and achieves 79% channel utilization without weakening EM immunity. The active leakage power of the dual CPU cores can be reduced by 45 mW in a single core operation mode(More)
A series of novel amphiphilic hydroperoxides, alpha-alkoxyalkyl hydroperoxides (alpha-AHPs) and their related hydroperoxides, were designed and prepared with the intention of developing new oxidizing agents bearing a micelle-forming character in water. After their fundamental physical and interfacial properties were elucidated, both oxidation of benzyl(More)
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