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The purpose of this paper is to introduce several basic theorems of coherent states and generalized coherent states based on Lie algebras su(2) and su(1,1), and to give some applications of them to quantum information theory for graduate students or non–experts who are interested in both Geometry and Quantum Information Theory. In the first half we make a(More)
The antiviral neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir (OSV) is widely used to suppress viral replication in the treatment of influenza. Here, we report that OSV administration significantly suppressed respiratory mucosal secretory IgA responses with respect to antigen (Ag)-specific antibody (Ab) production and also the induction of Ag-specific IgA Ab-forming(More)
The renormalization group (RG) method as a powerful tool for reduction of evolution equations is formulated in terms of the notion of invariant manifolds. We start with derivation of an exact RG equation which is analogous to the Wilsonian RG equations in statistical physics and quantum field theory. It is clarified that the perturbative RG method(More)
During tumor progression, multiple genetic changes in the genome vastly alter the transcriptomes of cancers. Some of these changes, including the mutations of various growth regulatory genes as well as alterations in the transcription of a large number of genes, may lead to resistance to treatment. Therefore, capturing such genomic information of the tumors(More)
Shakuyaku-Kanzo-to was first medicated for muscular pain which was called Komuragaeri, and it has been reported that it is effective for peripheral nerve dysfunction such as arthralgia and numbness. Recently, Paclitaxel (T) and Carboplatin (J) combination chemotherapy (TJ chemotherapy) has been a standard first-line chemotherapy for epithelial ovarian(More)
We previously reported that the macrolide antibiotic clarithromycin (CAM) enhanced the mucosal immune response in pediatric influenza, particularly in children treated with the antiviral neuraminidase inhibitor oseltamivir (OSV) with low production of mucosal antiviral secretory IgA (S-IgA). The aims of the present study were to confirm the effects of CAM(More)