Kazuyoshi Yokoyama

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Recent sea-surface temperature warming may allow poleward range expansions of warm-water coral species into temperate areas. In Japan, Acropora solitaryensis Veron and Wallace, 1984 showed a poleward range expansion to Tateyama, on the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula (34 59¢N and 139 47¢E), based on the historical occurrence records and recent surveys(More)
A breakdown of the standard Watson-type rotational Hamiltonian was suggested for a molecule with H2XYZ structure [Š. Urban and K. M. T. Yamada, J. Mol. Spectrosc. 160, 279–288 (1993)] . This breakdown is due to a near-resonant interaction between the ground state rotational levels and rotational levels in an excited vibrational state. This interaction has(More)
We study the Cauchy problem for a quasilinear wave equation with low-regularity data. A space-time L estimate for the variable coefficient wave equation plays a central role for this purpose. Assuming radial symmetry, we establish the almost global existence of a strong solution for every small initial data in H×H. We also show that the initial value(More)
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