Kazuyoshi Inoue

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In semiconductor manufacturing, rescheduling problems are extremely difficult to solve in real time due to the high frequency of disturbances that occur approximately every minute. This paper proposes a new approach to online manufacturing rescheduling. Unlike the traditional methods to have a scheduling process again, we (1) revise the existing schedule to(More)
The cutting stock problem (CSP) is an important problem that affects the profit of the processing industries. The CSP that deals with a set of rectangular items is classified as the 2D rectangular cutting stock problem (2DRCSP). Although the 2DRCSP has been researched widely in the field of mathematical programming, the solutions of these studies are not(More)
Semiconductor manufacturing is mainly characterized by diversity of products, different process types, and random failures. It is extremely difficult to solve scheduling problems due to high frequency of disturbance occurrence. This paper proposes a new approach for the online manufacturing rescheduling method. Instead of having a dispatching process based(More)
The job-shop scheduling problem (JSSP) is one of the most difficult NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems. It is extremely difficult to solve the complex job shop scheduling problems because of the disturbances of manufacturing environment. This paper proposes a new method based on the reaction-diffusion equation on a graph [Yuasa, H and Ito, M(More)
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