Kazuyo Tokoi

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Eight hematologic parameter values, 16 serum biochemical constituents, serum protein fractions and albumin-globulin ratios were determined in blood samples obtained from 879 normal, healthy Beagle dogs of both sexes which had been reproduced and bred in our laboratories. The blood samples were collected from the Beagles that ranged in monthly ages from 1 to(More)
We studied the properties of the intra-cluster medium (ICM) in two clusters of galaxies (AWM 7 and Abell 1060) and two groups (HCG 62 and NGC 507) with the X-ray Observatory Suzaku. Based on spatially resolved energy spectra, we measured for the first time precise cumulative ICM metal masses within 0.1 and ∼ 0.3 r180. Comparing our results with supernova(More)
We present results of 120 ks observation of a compact group of galaxies HCG 62 (z=0.0145) with Suzaku XIS and HXD-PIN. The XIS spectra for four annular regions were fitted with two temperature vapec model with variable abundance, combined with the foreground Galactic component. The Galactic component was constrained to have a common surface brightness among(More)
Twenty-four Göttingen Miniature Swine/csk, in order to evaluate their potential usefulness as a model for experimental atherosclerosis studies, were fed diets of three types, a high-fat plus high cholesterol diet, a high-fat diet, and a commercial diet. Each group consisted of 4 males and 4 females. Swine fed the experimental diet were investigated by(More)
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