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Swelling characteristics of bentonites in artificial seawater
Bentonite is currently designated for use as a buffer material for the repository of high-level radioactive waste because such a material requires swelling characteristics to seal the waste. AExpand
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Postcyclic Degradation of Strength and Stiffness for Low Plasticity Silt
Stress-controlled undrained cyclic triaxial tests followed by strain-controlled monotonic compressive shear tests were carried out on normally consolidated and overconsolidated reconstituted KeuperExpand
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Multifaceted potentials of tire-derived three dimensional geosynthetics in geotechnical applications and their evaluation
Abstract Scrapped tire-derived materials, such as tire chips and tire shreds, can be categorized as three dimensional geosynthetics. This paper introduces recent Japanese experience in geotechnicalExpand
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Stability Criteria for Marine Clay Under One-Way Cyclic Loading
Results are presented from a series of one-way cyclic undrained triaxial tests on Ariake Clay, a highly plastic, normally consolidated marine clay from Kyushu in southwest Japan. Considering firstExpand
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Direct Simple Shear Testing for Post-Cyclic Degradation in Stiffness of Nonplastic Silt
Using a sequential procedure of cyclic and postcyclic direct simple shear tests, the stiffness degradation characteristics of nonplastic silt are studied during and immediately after cyclic loadingExpand
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Settlements in fine-grained soils under cyclic loading
ABSTRACT Based on the methods previously presented by the authors (Yasuhara et al., 1992, 1994, 1996) for predicting the degradation in strength and stiffness of soft clays in the course of cyclicExpand
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Effects of climate change on geo-disasters in coastal zones and their adaptation
Abstract Results of recent investigations suggest that climate change tends to exacerbate geo-disasters. Therefore, it is understood clearly that adaptation to climate change has rapidly become theExpand
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Geosynthetic-wrap around revetments for shore protection
Abstract Geosynthetic structures for shore protection have demonstrably lower construction and lifetime costs than those of hard structures. This paper outlines the recent development of aExpand
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This paper describes a spatial interpolation procedure for settlements to increase the reliability of subsidence mapping. For this study, a spatial interpolation method based on the ordinary KrigingExpand
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Application of the cement treated clay with added tire chips to the sealing materials of coastal waste disposal site
This paper shows the one result of the study on effective recycling method of used tire and dredged clay for civil engineering material or geo-material.The authors conducted in unconfined compressionExpand
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