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Analysis of car-pedal use and car-following habits may allow the help offered by intelligent driver assistance systems to be customized for individual drivers. ABSTRACT | All drivers have habits behind the wheel. Different drivers vary in how they hit the gas and brake pedals, how they turn the steering wheel, and how much following distance they keep to(More)
Previous studies have shown a high prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) among patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, it is poorly assessed whether chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH), which is a characteristic of OSA, affects the pathophysiology of AD. We aimed to investigate the direct effect of intermittent hypoxia (IH) in pathophysiology(More)
The project of Japanese LVCSR Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition platform is introduced. 1 It is a collaboration of researchers of different academic institutes and intended to develop a sharable software repository of not only databases but also models and programs. The platform consists of a standard recognition engine, Japanese phone models(More)
A sharable software repository for Japanese LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) is introduced. It is designed as a baseline platform for research and developed by researchers of different academic institutes under a governmental support. The repository consists of a recognition engine (Julius), Japanese acoustic models and statistical(More)
A phonetic tied-mixture (PTM) model for efficient large vocabulary continuous speech recognition is presented. It is synthesized from context-independent phone models with 64 mixture components per state by assigning different mixture weights according to the shared states of triphones. Mixtures are then re-estimated for optimization. The model achieves a(More)
In this paper, we propose a driver identification method that is based on the driving behavior signals that are observed while the driver is following another vehicle. Driving behavior signals, such as the use of the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, vehicle velocity, and distance from the vehicle in front, are measured using a driving simulator. We compared(More)