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Increases in rates of individual leaf photosynthesis (P(n)) are critical for future increases in yields of rice plants. Although many efforts have been made to improve rice P(n) with transgenic technology, the desired increases in P(n) have not yet been achieved. Two rice lines with extremely high values of P(n) were identified among the backcrossed inbred(More)
BACKGROUND  Zika virus (ZIKV), chikungunya virus (CHIKV), and dengue virus (DENV) cocirculate in Nicaragua. In this study, we sought to compare the quantified viremia and clinical presentation of patients infected with 1 or more of these viruses. METHODS  Acute-phase serum samples from 346 patients with a suspected arboviral illness were tested using a(More)
Over the past few decades, geometric morphometric methods have become increasingly popular and powerful tools to describe morphological data while over the same period artificial neural networks have had a similar rise in the classification of specimens to preconceived groups. However, there has been little research into how well these two systems operate(More)
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