Kazuya Omata

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Here we show a simple and convenient method to prepare micropatterned gels by the use of a microscope, without large-scale or special-order experimental setup. UV light focused by an objective lens was locally irradiated to a pre-gel solution in a microchannel. This method would be useful for preparing microgels at target positions in microchips. A(More)
This experiment examined effects of the intermittent exposure to cold. C57BL/6J mice were exposed to cold (4-5 degrees C) for six hours in light (L-cold group) or dark (D-cold group) period and their wheel-running and drinking activities, daily amounts of food and water intake, and body weight were analyzed. Wheel running and drinking decreased during cold(More)
Recently, stimuli-responsive polymer gels attract attention as functional soft materials in the research fields of microfluidic systems. Several applications as a smart microvalve or micropump to switch the direction of flow automatically or extrude fluid are attempted (1, 2). Conventional microvalves made of hard and dry materials such as piezoelectric(More)
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