Kazuya Masuda

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Bovine offal is currently recognized as one of the sources of human Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) infection in Japan. Here, the prevalence and genetic characterization of STEC O157 in bovine feces, offal, and carcasses at slaughtering were examined between July and October in 2006. STEC O157 was detected in 31 of 301 cattle feces (10.3%)(More)
Most lactic acid bacteria are non-motile but some of them are flagellated and exhibit motility. So far, motile lactobacilli have rarely been studied, and characteristics of their flagellins are poorly understood. In this study, a highly motile strain of Lactobacillus agilis was recruited for transcriptional analysis and characterization of its flagellins.(More)
Family trees of rat liver epithelial-like cells in primary culture were obtained by cinemicrographic analysis. With few exceptions the proliferative profiles reconstituted from these family trees showed limited proliferation. This limitation was not due to post-confluence inhibition of proliferation or to nutritional deprivation during time lapse(More)
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