Kazuya Marushima

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Streptomyces griseus mutants exhibiting deficient glucose repression of beta-galactosidase activity on lactose-containing minimal medium supplemented with a high concentration of glucose were isolated. One of these mutants had a 12-bp deletion in cebR, which encodes a LacI/GalR family regulator. Disruption of cebR in the wild-type strain caused the same(More)
The linear chromosome of Streptomyces griseus IFO13350 contains not only atypical telomere sequences but also probable pseudogenes for two typical telomeric proteins. Two identical operons (SGR98t-SGR97t near one telomere and SGR7041t-SGR7042t near the other telomere) in the terminal inverted repeat sequence were predicted to encode a novel pair of(More)
Glucokinase catalyzes the phosphorylation of glucose using ATP to yield glucose 6-phosphate. SgGlkA is a bacterial group III glucokinase from Streptomyces griseus that seems to play a regulatory role in carbon catabolite repression in this organism. SgGlkA was expressed in Escherichia coli, purified and crystallized using the sitting-drop vapour-diffusion(More)
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