Kazuya Fukuda

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We amputated 35 limbs of 27 patients with diabetic foot from March 1988 to March 1998. The mean age of the patients at the time of operation was 67 years, and the mean follow-up period was 27 months. Thirteen patients died in the period from 1 day to 39 months after the operation. All patients suffering from diabetic foot were referred to our department for(More)
Changes in clinical pathology parameters, particularly those related to blood coagulation, were examined throughout the gestation period in New Zealand White rabbits. As compared with the non-pregnant group, the following major changes were observed in the pregnant group. For blood coagulation-related parameters, platelets increased progressively and(More)
Changes in blood parameters, especially those related to blood coagulations, were examined on gestational days (GDs) 6, 18 and 28 in Japanese White rabbits. As compared with the non-pregnant group, the following changes were observed in the pregnant group. For blood coagulation-related parameters, fibrinogen, platelets and antithrombin time III (ATIII) was(More)
As a practical opportunity for educating Japanese young developers in the field of embedded software development, a software design contest involving the design of software to automatically control a line-trace robot, and conduct running performance tests was held. In this paper,we give the results of the contest from the viewpoint of software quality(More)
In our previous study on the effects of restricted feeding on pregnant rabbits (Matsuoka et al., 2009), animals given 20 g/day of diet on and after gestation day 6 (GD 6) showed significant changes in blood coagulation-related parameters suggesting a tendency to bleed and a decrease in serum concentration of progesterone, an important factor to maintain(More)
The mating system and sexuality of the gobiid fish Trimma marinae were investigated in aquaria and by gonadal histological examination. The male to female sex ratio in the study aggregation was female biased (14:27), and females were larger than males. T. marinae were monogamous because they established continuous pairs and spawned repeatedly with the same(More)
Captive-rearing observations are valuable for revealing aspects of fish behavior and ecology when continuous field investigations are impossible. Here, a series of basic techniques are described to enable observations of the reproductive behavior of a wild-caught gobiid fish, as a model, kept in an aquarium. The method focuses on three steps: collection,(More)
The effects of restricted feeding (20 g/day from gestational day (GD) 6 to 28) on pregnancy outcome and blood parameters were examined in pregnant rabbits. As compared with the group which was allowed free access to diet throughout the gestational period (NT group), the group subjected to restricted feeding (R group) showed significantly lower values in(More)
Size-advantage and low-density models have been used to explain how mating systems favor hermaphroditism or gonochorism. However, these models do not indicate historical transitions in sexuality. Here, we investigate the evolution of bidirectional sex change and gonochorism by phylogenetic analysis using the mitochondrial gene of the gobiids Trimma (31(More)
To develop a novel method of detecting rectal cancer, we assessed relationships between intra-abdominal fat distribution and rectal cancer in Japanese patients. Subjects comprised 38 patients with rectal cancer apparent on CT-colonography and 110 other cases. The intra-abdominal fat area was determined by calculating pixel distribution with attenuation(More)
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