Kazutoyo Shirakawa

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BACKGROUND The majority of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) seems to be non-erosive reflux disease. Nonerosive reflux disease includes minimal change oesophagitis (whitish or reddish, oedematous change and erosion that is not regarded as mucosal break) and no endoscopic abnormalities. AIM To investigate the accurate proportion of those with(More)
The familial occurrence of epidermoid cysts of the spleen is rare, with only six cases having ever been reported, to our knowledge. We recently diagnosed epidermoid cysts of the spleen in a mother and son. First, a 15-year-old boy was admitted to our hospital for management of blunt abdominal trauma. Computed tomography (CT) showed a ruptured large splenic(More)
PURPOSE We have reported that in the thyroid, there is a linear correlation between iodine concentrations and CT values. However, the slope of the regression line was about three times as large as that in KI solutions. We investigated the factor(s) contributing to the increment of the slope of the regression line in the thyroid. METHOD Solutions of NH4I(More)
A 75-year-old woman was referred to our hospital because of locally advanced gastric cancer. Gastrointestinal fiberscopy revealed type 3 advanced gastric cancer in the posterior wall of the gastric cardia extending to the middle body. Abdominal CT scan revealed direct invasion of pancreas and regional lymph node metastases, indicating clinical stage IV(More)
The use of probiotics has been widely documented to benefit human health, but their clinical value in surgical patients remains unclear. The present study investigated the effect of perioperative oral administration of probiotic bifidobacteria to patients undergoing colorectal surgery. Sixty patients undergoing colorectal resection were randomized to two(More)
To determine the pathologic effectiveness of preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) in patients with advanced rectal carcinoma, we reviewed clinical records of 76 patients who received preoperative pelvic radiation +/- chemotherapy. Since 2 patients refused operation and 2 died before surgery, 72 patients underwent operation with a mean delay of 19.9 days(More)
AIM Attachment among older adults can partially explain sex differences in bereavement outcomes, but there is currently little evidence regarding this. The aim was to quantify sex differences in the proportion of spouses as attachment figures among older couples. METHODS We carried out a secondary analysis of cross-sectional questionnaire survey data. The(More)
We report two cases of advanced low rectal cancer, with preoperative chemo-radiation therapy leading to a complete histological response. Case 1 was a 74-year-old male who was diagnosed as advanced low rectal cancer. Preoperative chemo-radiation (a total of 45 Gy radiation+oral 5'-DFUR 800 mg/day for 3 weeks) was performed. Then, 30 days after(More)
Carcinomatous meningitis from breast cancer is rare and has a poor prognosis with a life expectancy of approximately 80 days. We performed intrathecal MTX and Ara-C in combination with systemic docetaxel treatments in the patient, a 44-year-old woman with carcinomatous meningitis from invasive lobular carcinoma previously treated with anthracycline and(More)