Kazutoshi Minamitani

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SAP-Microsphere (sodium acrylic acid-vinyl alcohol copolymer) has the ability to absorb fluids within a few minutes and increase its diameter. Its diameter can also be calibrated. The diameters in ionic contrast material and human serum are 2.1 and 3.5 times larger, respectively, than the original size. It can pass through a microcatheter with an ionic(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate changes in muscle hardness after eccentric exercise of the elbow flexors muscles that produce muscle shortening and swelling. To assess muscle hardness, a pressure method was used in which the force required to deform the tissue (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle) was recorded. Eleven healthy male students(More)
Simple bone cysts were treated by trepanation. The technique consists of drainage of cyst fluid, lavage of the cystic cavity with saline, and the making of multiple drilling holes through the cortical and the medullary bone of the cyst wall. Injection of corticosteroid was omitted. In 11 cases treated by this method, the clinical outcome was good.(More)
Moderate chronic exercise attenuates the elevation of blood pressure in young spontaneously hypertensive rats. In order to elucidate the physiological process of the effects of exercise, we examined the involvement of nitric oxide, angiotensin II, and superoxide dismutase in this process. Rats were exercised by voluntary running in a wheel-cage for 10(More)
The mechanism of joint destruction in rapidly destructive coxopathy was studied by analyzing bone resorptive factors in the joint fluid. Prostaglandins were found to play a partial role in joint destruction. Some cases of rapidly destructive coxopathy revealed elevated levels of interleukin-1 beta (IL-1 beta) in the joint fluid. Electrophoretic analysis of(More)
Circadian changes of the blood pressure and heart rate in elderly normotensive bedridden patients with severe dementia of the Alzheimer type (group D) were compared with those in elderly normotensive bedridden patients without dementia (group R), normotensive subjects with normal daily activity (group N), and hypertensive patients with normal daily activity(More)
1. The effects of endothelin (40 and 400 pmol/kg, intravenous (i.v.), a novel vasoconstrictor, on haemodynamics were evaluated in normal dogs and dogs treated with hexamethonium. 2. The lower dose of endothelin caused no significant changes in mean blood pressure (MBP), heart rate (HR), cardiac output (CO), or total peripheral resistance (TPR) in normal(More)
From 1983-1989, 37 patients with muscular torticollis were treated surgically by partial resection of the distal portion of the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Of these, 19 patients who at surgery were greater than 6 years of age (average 11 years 2 months) were followed for greater than 1 year (average 2 years 2 months). Although both function and cosmesis(More)
The effects of endothelin on the renin-aldosterone system were examined by injecting it intravenously at low (40 pmol/kg) and high (400 pmol/kg) doses into pentobarbital-anesthetized dogs. Plasma renin activity and aldosterone concentration together with hemodynamic parameters were measured before and 60 min after endothelin injection. The lower dose of(More)
The evaluation of lipoproteins in rat serum which was separated by cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis was studied in comparison with that in human serum. In contrast to the human lipoprotein pattern, the top of the rat lipoprotein fraction exceeded the albumin fraction towards the anode. By the analysis of ultracentrifugation and post-heparin serum(More)