Kazutoshi Koike

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Dental care services include relaxation of patients to reduce their displeasure at and tension during treatment. For this purpose, it is common to use audio or audiovisual programs, that is, to let them listen to music or watch TV. However, the former utilizes only the auditory sense, and the latter is disadvantageous in that a TV set is a rather(More)
We identified the prevalence of depression and quality of life (QOL) of Japanese children with childhood cancer after discharge using the Birleson Depression Self-rating Scale for Children (DSRS-C) and the Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory (PedsQL). Subjects were 118 caregivers who raised children ages 2-18 with childhood cancer; subjects resided in(More)
Backgrounds. Outcome of childhood malignancy has been improved mostly due to the advances in diagnostic techniques and treatment strategies. While methotrexate (MTX) related polymorphisms have been under investigation in childhood malignancies, many controversial results have been offered. Objectives. To evaluate associations of polymorphisms related MTX(More)
This paper presents an experiment in the use of a deductive database system for computer network maintenance. There are relatively few practical applications of de-ductive databases. Takagi et.al. applied deductive databases to a practical problem. They utilized an indirect connectivity search capability of a deductive database system for a retrieval of(More)
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