Kazutoshi Kikkawa

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TA-993, an l-cis 4',8-dimethyl derivative of the Ca2+ antagonist diltiazem, and some of its metabolites inhibited platelet aggregation induced by collagen, ADP, epinephrine, platelet activating factor, arachidonic acid, and U-46619 in human platelets in vitro. Among the metabolites, MB3 was the most potent (IC50, <1 micromol/L; several hundred times more(More)
The purpose of this paper is to clarify the age-associated changes in walking movements. A two-dimensional movement analysis was conducted on a sample of 177 healthy women aged 19-82 years, with performance descriptors, kinematics, and kinetics as the parameters. An analysis of co-variance, with the gait velocity as co-variate and the categorized age group(More)
We tried to establish an age-predictive equation from kinematic and kinetic parameters during walking using the 2007 Okada database of Japanese elderly. Some predictive equations were established for each gender (109 males and 139 females)--once for all variables, second for the stepwise variable selection method. The range of motion (ROM) of knee and hip(More)
We performed maximal exercise tests on 6 men using a bicycle ergometer and then measured the ferric-reducing ability in plasma to clarify the relationship between antioxidant status and exercise intensity. The ferric-reducing ability showed a rectilinear increase with the increase in exercise intensity, whereas the generation of hydroxyl radicals showed a(More)
The objectives of this study were to explore a method of evaluating the walking motion of elderly males using mainly kinetic parameters and to determine how to maintain their level of walking motion to equal that of the young. We employed the coefficient of variation (CV) (=standard deviation[SD]/MEAN * 100), z-score, and weighted z-score (WZ) (=z-score/CV)(More)
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