Kazutoshi Ito

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A cDNA encoding a homolog of mammalian serine racemase, a unique enzyme in eukaryotes, was isolated from Arabidopsis thaliana and expressed in Escherichia coli cells. The gene product, of which the amino acid residues for binding pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) are conserved in this as well as mammalian serine racemases, catalyzes not only serine racemization(More)
This study investigated whether the consumption of a diet in which high-beta-glucan barley replaced rice would reduce the visceral fat area as well as the serum low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and total cholesterol (TC) in hypercholesterolemic Japanese men. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled intervention study was conducted in 44(More)
Several d-amino acids have been identified in plants. However, the biosynthetic pathway to them is unclear. In this study, we cloned and sequenced a cDNA encoding a serine racemase from barley which contained an open reading frame encoding 337 amino acid residues. The deduced amino acid sequence showed significant identity to plant and mammalian serine(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics have been clinically administered to improve intestinal damage in some intestinal inflammations. However, probiotic treatments are not always effective for these intestinal disorders because live bacteria must colonize and maintain their activity under unfavorable conditions in the intestinal lumen when displaying their functions. This(More)
A cDNA encoding adenylate isopentenyltransferase (AIPT) was cloned and sequenced from cones of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) by RT-PCR using oligonucleotide primers based on the conserved sequences of Arabidopsis thaliana AIPT isozymes (AtIPT1, AtIPT3, AtIPT4, AtIPT5, AtIPT6, AtIPT7 and AtIPT8). A full-length cDNA contained a 990-bp open reading frame encoding a(More)
The enzyme activities encoded in five cDNAs for chalcone synthase (CHS) homologs from hop were investigated. Only valerophenone synthase (VPS) and CHS_H1 showed both naringenin-chalcone and phlorisovalerophenone forming activity. Narigenin-chalcone production by VPS was much lower than by CHS_H1. Therefore, it is highly possible that flavonoid depends(More)
The promoter region of the valerophenone synthase (VPS) gene was isolated from hop (Humulus lupulus). VPS, a member of the chalcone synthase (CHS) super-family, catalyzes the biosynthesis reaction of the hop resin that significantly accumulates in the cone's secretory gland called the "lupulin gland". The typical H-box and G-box sequences, which exist in(More)
The genetic improvement of enzymes important in the brewing process is one of the main goals of barley biotechnology. For the improvement of β-amylase thermostability in barley seeds, we have already constructed a mutant thermostable β-amylase gene, using site-directed mutagenesis and random mutagenesis to achieve the substitution of seven amino acids of(More)
Foam stability is an important quality trait of beer. Our previous results of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DE) analyses of beer proteins implied a relationship between barley dimeric alpha-amylase inhibitor-1 (BDAI-1) and beer foam stability as judged by the NIBEM-T analyzer. To develop a novel prediction method of beer foam stability under(More)
The foam stability of beer is one of the important key factors in evaluating the quality of beer. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between the level of malt modification (degradation of protein, starch, and so on) and the beer foam stability. This was achieved by examining foam-promoting proteins using two-dimensional gel(More)