Kazutoshi Anzai

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We report an advanced method of analyzing and modeling MOSFET characteristic fluctuations in CMOS circuits. We focused on gate space dependence, STI width dependence, and interaction between gate-STI distance and STI width in 65-nm node technology with a 40-nm-gate length. These dependences haven't been treated by the conventional BSIM and other models.(More)
The wetting action of gallium alloy is a handicap when handling the material. Ethanol mulling after mixing was assayed in an attempt to control the wetting action of such mixtures. A mixture of gallium and Ag-Sn-Cu spherical alloy particles was mulled with a small piece of an ethanol-soaked sponge for 10 seconds following mixing by an amalgamator. The(More)
We report measurements of differential and integral cross sections for electron excitation of the Schumann-Runge continuum, longest band, and second band electronic states in molecular oxygen. The energy range of the present study is 15-200 eV, with the angular range of the differential cross section (DCS) measurements from 2 to 130°. A generalized(More)
Phase equilibria of the solid phases including the magnetic and martensitic transformation temperatures in the Co­Mo system were investigated using two-phase alloys, the diffusion couple technique, differential scanning calorimetry, and vibrating sample magnetometry. Furthermore, ab initio calculations of D019-Co3Mo and several fcc-base ordered structures,(More)
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