Kazutomo Kitajima

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Few reports have characterized auditory processing in monaural stimulation, which is important to the understanding of auditory brain activity in subjects with hearing loss. We therefore measured regional brain activity in response to monaural stimulation of 95 dB SPL monosyllables using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) in subjects with normal(More)
Summary--The laryngeal phonatory reflex through the internal branch of the superior laryngeal nerve (SLN) was investigated by means of anesthetization of the nerve, after which acoustic signals were subjected to computer analysis to determine how anesthesia affected basic vocal parameters. Results showed that the anesthetization did not affect the abrupt(More)
We investigated the laryngeal closure pressure during sustained phonation in five healthy adult men with no pathological lesions in the glottis using a round pressure transducer with a diameter of 10 mm and a thickness of 1 mm. The transducer was placed between the vocal processes through the mouth. Subjects were asked to utter a sustained phonation of the(More)
The relationship between fundamental frequency of phonation (F0) and the change in F0 per unit change of transglottal pressure (dF/dP) was investigated in 3 excised canine larynges. The effects of the length and depth of vocal fold vibration on the relationship between dF/dP and F0 were evaluated. A positive correlation between dF/dP and F0 was observed(More)
We report an endoscopically assisted total diverticulectomy for Zenker's diverticulum. Skin incisions were made at the anterior axillary line, the center of the sternum, and the neck as portals for endoscopical instruments. The skin was retracted with hooks which provided an excellent view of the working space. The diverticulum was fully exposed and(More)
To establish an experimental basis for surgical approximation of the anterior cricothyroid distance which aims at raising the vocal pitch, the relationship between vocal pitch and the cricothyroid distance was analyzed in voices produced with excised human larynges (four male and two female larynges). Within the framework of the experimental conditions, the(More)
The fundamental frequency of phonation (F0) change per unit change in transglottal pressure (dF/dP) was studied at different extension lengths and masses of the vibrating part of a rubber model. The dF/dP was decreased when the vibrating part was extended, and also when the mass of the vibrating part was increased. In the former, the F0 was increased, and(More)
In the past 5 years, endoscopic neck surgery has been performed by various surgeons in Japan. However, many problems remain to be solved, including indications for this related in malignant thyroid tumors. For small thyroid cancers and legions suspected of malignancy, we found that we could obtain radicality in endoscopic neck surgery that was comparable to(More)
Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in the neck, first reported by Gagner in 1996, has been adopted by a number of other surgical specialties. We have developed new techniques for performing endoscopic enucleation lipoma. Using our new techniques, various complications, such as injury to nerves and vessels, are prevented. The technique generates(More)